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Cherice Hollingsworth, DMD in Lexington, KY

When you think about general dentistry in Lexington, are you just considering your teeth? Sure, they’re what makes your smile unique, but they’re nothing without your gums. Sometimes we tend to forget how important our periodontal health really is. Your gums are just as busy as the rest of your smile every single day, doing multiple jobs that we can sometimes forget about or take for granted. Right now, your gums are hard at work:

  • Protecting your teeth and holding them in place
  • Acting as a seal and surrounding your teeth
  • Binding tightly to underlying bone to aid in the resistance of the friction of food when you eat and chew

Your gums have also been linked to your overall health. Without proper periodontal therapy, you can leave them open to disease or infection, which can ultimately wind up in your bloodstream. This can lead to larger health issues throughout the body such as inflammation, heart disease, and even certain forms of cancers. If your gums are showing signs of an infection, we’ll turn to Arestin®. This powerful antibiotic solution is applied directly to your gums to promote healing and improved periodontal health.

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Dental Hygiene

Leave our office with a beautiful, clean smile and the tools and knowledge on how to maintain that healthy shine! Dr. Cherice Hollingsworth will help you get those amazing dental hygiene routines in place for a lifetime of beautiful smiles!

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New Patients

Is it your first time visiting Cherice Hollingsworth, DMD? Find out what your first visit will be like, print out our New Patient Paperwork, and find out what kind of comforts and amenities await your visit! We’re excited to see you!

Cherice Hollingsworth, DMD in Lexington, KY

You don’t have to go through life with a smile that’s crooked or out-of-line. Orthodontics at Cherice Hollingsworth, DMD will comfortably straighten and realign your smile for years of confidence and happiness! Read about our orthodontics options!

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